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  • All vehicles being scrapped must have a title, No Exceptions
  • Leave the title at the scale before taking vehicle into yard
  • Payment will be made only to the name(s) printed on the title
  • We can not accept a title that has erasures, alterations or mutilations!
  • The title must be lien free or have lien discharge documentation
  • The owner(s) listed on the title must be present at time of scrapping to sign the title where indicated if the listed owner(s) can not sign obtain the limited power of attorney TR-128 from the S.O.S.  (If you do not obtain the Vehicle Powe of Attorney from the DMV, the Power of Attorney you bring must be notarized.)
  • See pricing and descriptions page for definition of whole/not whole vehicles
  • Customers are not allowed to remove any parts from a vehicle here at Reid Metals, or take back any vehicle parts once it has been weighed in
  • Because every vehicle is inspected when brought in, if you have one vehicle, it must be weighed in no later than 3:30pm and if you have more than one vehicle, be here 15 minutes earlier for each vehicle that you are scrapping.

Last Updated: June 3, 2021 RT