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Aluminum Extrusion
Pushed through a die, or extruded, aluminum extrusions are usually in long structural shapes and must be cleaned of all rubber, screws, and foreign materials. Examples of extrusions are door or window frames and other similar applications.

Aluminum Insulated Wire
Any size aluminum wire that still retains its rubber or plastic coating. Must have any ends removed.

Aluminum Irony
Any aluminum that has significant steel or other material attached. Examples of irony are lawn mower and snowmobile engines, transmissions, and transfer cases. Must be drained of all fluids.

Aluminum Sheet
Any mixed aluminum that is free of steel and most other foreign materials, though small amounts are allowed. Lawn chairs, aluminum boats, and window screen are examples.

Aluminum Siding
Any aluminum siding that has had all backing, screws, and tar removed. Aluminum gutters and spouts can also be sold with the siding.

Aluminum Wheels
Truck or auto aluminum rims without rubber, valve stems, or lead wheel weights.

Any lead acid battery from cars and trucks. Marine, semi truck, heavy equipment, and emergency lighting batteries are also accepted.

Brass - Yellow
Must be free of all steel, die-cast, and plastic fittings. Yellow brass is found in bathroom fixtures, plaques, marine hardware, and musical instruments.

Cars - Whole
Complete whole cars with absolutely no parts removed or missing. (Cars/Trucks that do not have or have never had a catalytic converter on them do not qualify as a "whole car."

***Customers bringing in scrap vehicles are not allowed to remove any parts from a vehicle "on-site"
here at Reid Metals, or take back any vehicle parts once the vehicle has been weighed in.***

Cars - Not Whole
Cars that are not 100% whole (Complete)

Cast - Aluminum
BBQ grill tops with glass, steel, and wood removed, automobile intakes and heads free of steel, and aluminum lawnmower decks free of steel are examples.

Cast - Auto
Brake drums and rotors only and must be cleaned of all studs, bolts, and any other miscellaneous steel.

Cast - Stove
Sewer pipe, wood stoves, and boilers are some types of cast. Also some bathtubs and sinks are made of cast.

Copper #1
Any tubing or solid copper which has all brass/steel fittings, corrosion, soldered ends or joints, and paint removed. Also bare copper wire that is 1/16th inch or thicker (each individual strand). All ends must be removed as well as any rubber or plastic coating.

Copper #2
Copper #2 requires the removal of brass and steel fittings, it is accepted with paint, solder, and corrosion. Copper #2 wire is any wire that is less than the 1/16th inch thickness and also has all ends and plastic or rubber coating removed.

Copper #3
Also referred to as Sheet Copper, Copper #3 does not require removal of solder. Items such as copper roofing, flashing, gutter, and even kettles and pots are good examples.

Copper Insulated Wire #1
Copper wire each strand 1/16th inch or thicker plastic coated: Solid 12 or 14AWG electrical wiring are examples.
Copper Insulated Wire #2

Copper wire each strand less than 1/16th inch plastic coated: Solid 16 or 18AWG electrical wiring are examples.
Copper Insulated Wire #3
Fine copper wire with plastic coating: telephone cable and stranded extensions, or power cords are examples.

Electric Motors
Must have all excess wire, plastic, and steel removed. Motors from blowers, pumps, and other small electrical items are accepted. Also starters and alternators are examples.

Must be free of any tar or other foreign materials. Also wheel weights from automobile rims are accepted.

Radiator - Aluminum
Must have all plastic and hoses removed. Most commonly found in automobiles. Transmission and oil coolers are accepted but must be completely drained.

Radiator - Aluminum/Copper
Must have all steel ends removed along with any other plastic or rubber. Most often found in cooling devices, they must be drained in order to be accepted.

Radiator - Brass/Copper
Any steel, plastic, hoses, and caps must be removed but solder left on is ok. Found in heavy equipment and some automobiles. Heater cores are also accepted. All must be completely drained of fluids.

Stainless Steel - Non Magnetic
Must have all magnetic stainless and steel removed. Commercial kitchen appliances, sinks, and some dishes are made of non-magnetic stainless steel.

Steel - Foundry
(must be 1/4" or greater thickness)
Most steel that is shorter than 2 feet is considered foundry (short) steel. Automobile springs, dirty hubs and rotors, and steel rims are items classified as foundry.

Steel - Long
(must be 1/4" or greater thickness)
Most steel that is longer than 2 feet and is also thicker and heavier than tin. Truck frames and axles are good examples of long steel.

Steel - Plate and Structural
(must be 1/4" or greater thickness)
Can be cut to 2 feet and under pieces, or can be sold in long sections. Heavy steel such as I-beams, house trailer frames, steel plates, and other flat stock are considered plate and structural steel.

Sheet Iron / Tin & Steel Mix 
(most general, steel metals less than 1/4" thickness)
Metal that is cleaned of most glass, plastic, rubber, insulation, and any other materials. There is a very wide variety of items that are considered tin including pots and pans, bicycles, and appliances.

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